Overview: Sennheiser RS 130 Wireless Surround Sound Headphones

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Sennheiser RS 130

This article on Ezine gives a nice general overview of the Sennheiser RS 130 Wireless Surround Sound Headphones.  Living up to Sennheiser’s reputation, these wireless surround headphones deliver high performance sound and value for its price point.  Some of the key features mentioned include:

  • Terrific surround sound effect
  • Weighs less than 10 oz.
  • Range up to 500 feet
  • 900 Mhz RF
  • 22 hours NiMH battery life
  • Attractive base to store the headphones

Read the full article about the Sennheiser RS 130 Wireless Surround Sound Headphones here.

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Retired Man Discovers Wireless Surround Headphones

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I came across this fascinating article in The Sydney Morning Herald.  It’s about a retired man who moved into a smaller home.  There were times when he found it inconvenient to turn up the sound on his home theater.  So this man purchased a set of Wireless Surround Headphones so he or his wife can watch TV without disturbing the other.  But the great thing about it is that he finds other ways to use these headsets.  Isn’t it such a wonderful feeling when you purchase something and find other uses than what was intended?  

Read the full article here.


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