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There are many reasons why you might be interested in Wireless Surround Headphones.  Maybe because your wife cannot stand the music you listen to.  Or maybe because you like to watch TV while the baby is sleep.  Perhaps, you are a nocturnal creature of the night, where you cannot crank up the volume on your home theater.  Or maybe you are just fascinated by the technology.  Whatever your reason is, you probably want to enjoy your favorite movies at anytime, without having to worry about disturbing anyone, and without sacrificing the quality home theater experience you’ve grown accustomed to.

Wireless Surround Headphones were designed to mimic a speaker system surround sound by attempting to place the audio field outside the listener’s head.   This is done by employing of a few different surround sound technologies, like Dolby DSP or SRS, for the headphone environment.  Some units are able to achieve this effect better than others, while other sets fail miserably.

Generally, wireless surround headphones offer listeners the ultimate immersive listening experience, while at the same time not restricting movement by long, unsightly wires and cables.  Newer models are able to decode Dolby Digital, DTS 5.1, and/or Dolby Pro Logic II, providing a more stable sound stage and deeper bass presence.

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  1. Yoshi Yamamoto Says:

    Various reasons which make us to wear wireless headphones but the ultimate reason behind is we are music lovers who do not want to carry the wires along with us, so switch over to wireless headphones from maxfunusa.

  2. CPA Offers Says:

    There’s a wealth of information here. I’ll be back again.

  3. rs 120 headphones Says:

    Wireless headphones rule.
    But wireless AND surround?
    That must be downright awesome
    for movies. I’m gonna got try a pair
    as soon as possible.

    Oh man!

  4. Tessor Says:

    I’m newer to the world of wireless headphones and find your posts very informative. I’m still not totally onboard with wireless enough to buy a pair right now, but I hope further research will show me there’s a pair out there with the features I’m looking for. I feel like the technology isn’t there yet, but I believe it will be soon enough.

  5. Riley Hardin Says:

    Hey Sweet blog! Surround sound headphones?! that is just awesome anyway and the fact that they are chordless make me want them even more!! I am going to go pick up a pair as soon as i get the money! thanks for giving such great info i will be back

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